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Dental Reviews in Tijuana Mexico

Dental Reviews

I was scared at first coming over to Tijuana Mexico to get my dental work done. But when I met Doctor Martha Rojas it all change, she is very gentle and bilingual a major plus. I will keep coming back to finish my Dental Work.


Sacramento Ca.


After searching online for a good dentist office in Tijuana i found out that Endo Dental has very low prices, bilingual staff and accepts most major dental insurances. I was sold! Will recommend this clinic to all my friends.


Las Vegas NV


This place is great! I had a root canal done and no pain! It’s a first!


San Diego Ca


Clean, friendly, close to the border and can’t beat the prices! What else can I say!


San Diego Ca


After i Tried 3 clinics in Tijuana Mexico, I found out that Endo Dental Group is now my clinic for me and my family. They are very professional in the way they treat their patients. I had a root canal done here and also a couple of crowns, it went very good no pain! They are trustworthy to work on my kinds teeth for sure.


Fresno Ca


I always suffered from bad teeth in my life, and finally decided to do something about it. When I went to a dentist office here in Ontario Canada, the prices were just plane crazy. I ask around in the U.S and also to much money! And a friend of mine told me about Mexico for my dental work, because his sister went over there to Tijuana Mexico. I called Endo Dental Group to ask for a Quote and WOW big difference! My savings was more than 50% lower. I know how the saying goes you get what you pay for, but in this case it was no true. I got great service Doctor Martha Rojas was amazing in attending to all my needs and questions putting my mind at ease. I am going to recommend Endo Dental Group to all my friends it was so painless!


Ontario Canada


Thank you guys! You are great! I will send more people your way!


Los Angeles


Got my implants and crowns done with no problems. I wish i had none about Endo dental before i spend a lot of money in the U.S.


New York.


I came all the way from Seattle, Washington to Endo Dental Group in Tijuana. I had checked out the clinic first on the internet. I was glad that they had the price list right up front. I wanted to make sure that it would be worth the expense to come from up in Washington clear down to Tijuana. They have a nice website, and also had several testimonials from some of the patients, that made me feel better about going to Mexico as well.


 Seattle Washington.


I was very impressed with the staff they answered all my questions.  When I got to the airport, they had someone there to pick me up, and had made me a reservation in a nice hotel. I was well cared for the entire trip.  I came for a smile makeover, but had several other dental issues as well. Comparing the prices they had on the website to the prices I had gotten from my US dentist, I could see that I was going to save a lot, but what won my confidence more than anything is the fact that the prices on their website were totally true.


Pharr Texas


There were no surprises, and the price did not go up after they had me in the chair. They were true to their word. My teeth turned our fantastic. I have never looked so good! Dr. Martha truly has a great touch and is a real talent. I can’t say enough good things about how I was cared for, and how good a job they did. I highly recommend this clinic.


Ontario Canada


Endo Dental is the best dental clinic I have ever been in in my life.  Dr. Martha Rojas was very professional, and did a great job. The clinic is super nice, and in a beautiful location. I give them two thumbs up!!


Encinitas, CA 


I appreciate that they sent a shuttle to pick me up from San Diego Airport, and that they made my hotel reservations in a very nice hotel. I was pleasantly surprised to see what a nice part of town that the clinic is located in.  Endo Dental is certainly not a clinic like so many others in Tijuana.  They have a very nice, modern office, with new equipment.  My smile turned out incredible. I had 16 veneers put on my front teeth. What is unbelievable is that it all took just 6 days to finish. My friends could not believe the difference in my appearance. This has been a life changer for me.  I am so grateful.  Thanks so much to Dr. Martha Rojas. I’ll be sending all my friends!!


 Las Vegas NV  


I can’t get over how incredible I look. My smile was horrible when I showed up at the clinic, and now it is like night and day.  I am so very grateful for the work that was done. Not just the fact that I could not have ever afforded this in the US, but also I appreciate the care given me, and the skill level of the doctors who worked on me. I love these people here!! I am truly a new man, thanks to the staff at Endo Dental Group. Everybody should come here for sure!!


Los Angeles

CA   8/26/14

Everything went so well, I want to testify as to my experience at Endo Dental.  I had to have 3 root canals done, and so I was very nervous when I went into the clinic.  Dr. Martha was so gentle and nice. She immediately put me at ease with her manner. The thing that I just can’t get over is that she had a technique for putting the shots in my gums that I honestly could not tell when she put in the shot.  The next thing I know she was taking the syringe out of my mouth and was done. Incredible! Certainly the most pain free experience I have ever had.  I will be her patient forever!!


Fontana Ca 


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