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What is a Root Canal?, How to know?

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A root canal is a dental procedure that cleans the inside of a tooth when the pulp in the tooth has become infected. This could happen due to:

  • A tooth abscess
  • Needing a crown
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Facial/mouth/tooth trauma
  • Cracked tooth and/or filling

Often a patient will notice tooth pain, extreme temperature sensitivity in the tooth, swelling and soreness, and even discoloration in an infected tooth. If you’re experiencing these symptoms – call your dentist, as the pain may be resolved with a root canal.

Certain oral bacteria feed on food particles trapped in your mouth and produce acid that over time can eat through the protective tooth enamel into the sensitive dentin below. And maybe cause a root canal.

Acids in your diet and gastric acids from acid reflux and vomiting can wear away tooth enamel.

Gums can recede over time, exposing the sensitive tooth roots. Brushing too vigorously and/or using a toothbrush that’s too hard can contribute to gum recession.

Dental work can inflame pulp tissues and cause temporary sensitivity that should subside as the pulp heals.

Fillings seal of areas of past decay. If they don’t fit right or are dislodged, air, food particles and bacteria can infiltrate and irritate exposed nerve endings.

Teeth may be weakened over time due to pressure caused by biting and chewing as well as teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

What starts as thin lines in the enamel can evolve into chips, cracks and fractures that expose nerve endings.

This is an infection of the tissues that support the teeth caused by a buildup of bacterial biofilm along the gum line that triggers inflammation. In severe cases, the infection can travel to the end of a tooth root or through accessory canals and gain entrance into the dental pulp.

An abscess is a pus-filled sac caused by an infection. It can occur at the base of the tooth root or in the space between the tooth and gum.

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