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Root Canals by Endo Dental Group

Some of Our Treatments

  • Dental Implants
  • Root Canals
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening
  • White Fillings
  • Odontopediatrics
  • Dental Braces
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Dental Extractions

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that cleans the inside of a tooth when the pulp in the tooth has become infected. This could happen due to:

  • A tooth abscess
  • Needing a crown
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Facial/mouth/tooth trauma
  • Cracked tooth and/or filling

Often a patient will notice tooth pain, extreme temperature sensitivity in the tooth, swelling and soreness, and even discoloration in an infected tooth. If you’re experiencing these symptoms – call your dentist, as the pain may be resolved with a root canal.


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Root Canals By Endo dental group
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